Jana Kuzmenkova


After graduating the Latvian Academy of Music and receiving a Degree in Musicology, Jana Kuzmenkova became a general manager in the Latvian artists and musicians organization «Aira Laivina Artists», which provides concerts and other cultural and educational events all over the country. Jana has developed her public speaking skills in the studio of «Dramaturgu teātris». As lecturer Ms Kuzmenkova worked at the music theory department in schools, as well as participated in scientific conferences in Latvia and abroad. Musical education projects for children and youth were always important for Ms Kuzmenkova. She was a presenter in the music studio at family development center «Laflandia», but now she is a producer of classical music festival «Baby Fest». Her interest in musicology and analysis of cultural phenomenons led to the creation of American music concert lectures project, which is produced by «Aira Laivina Artists» and were already held at the Liepājas University and at Liepāja State Gymnasium No. 1.