At Aira Laivina Artists, a diverse group of talented artists forms the crew of a cultural events management boat. The boat is our operational metaphor – we are a small, speedy and agile vessel on the grand cultural ocean of the world. Our team of accomplished Latvian artists – musicians, dancers, writers, photographers – pull together to reach and discover new continents of artistic expression.

Aira Laivina Artists offers cultural event management and publicity for prominent Latvian artists in Latvia and abroad. Performance art meets dance, academic music exists besides theater and popular music, exotic dreams inspire the quill of a writer, a classical beauty resounds in piano keys and violin strings, lighting effects bring to life photography. In this interaction of various forms of artistic expression, borders disappear, to be replaced originality and freshness. In this manner we explore intriguing artistic syntheses and discover each person’s unique vision.

Concerts, performances, literature and photography – these are the mutually supportive and complementary expressions of Aira Laivina Artists.